Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # KKOI8TPK24Fixed in 9.0.1 FP4 release

Product Area: Client Technical Area: Calendaring & Scheduling Platform: Cross Platform

Lotus Customer Support APAR: LO68996

SPR# KKOI8TPK24 - Intermittent incorrect Domino Directory data can cause the Schedule Manager and Rooms and Resource tasks to shut down unexpectedly when in a clustered configuration. Some customers have encountered problems reading cluster related settings from the Domino Directory which would cause the Schedule Manager and Rooms and Resource Manager tasks to incorrectly expect the underlying cluster settings to be switched. When the switch does not happen (since no change should actually happen) the tasks shut down to avoid damaging the contents of the busytime database. To address this an additional check is now performed in an attempt to reduce the chances of spurious bad data shutting the tasks down.

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Last Modified on 06/25/2015

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